#1 ADU BUILDER IN Orange County

There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of owners, building ADUs and granny flats along the west coast of the United States. Many of these homeowners or investors have found that new laws set into place have given them the opportunity to do it with ease.

And yes, there are just about a hundred reasons that you might want to build one of these units.

Your teenagers or college grads might want to use it just before they are ready to move out and into a life of total independence, which can help them save tons of money on a house deposit. Your elderly parents might want to use it as a place to be closer to you and the family, while not infringing on your privacy.

Even more so, you might want to use it to earn a little bit of extra income every month by renting it out to strangers in the area. Before you give us a call, we want to take you through the world of ADUs so that you can gain a better understanding of what you’re getting into!


What Are ADUs?

ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. You may even know them by their many different names, such as mother-in-law apartments, granny flats, tiny homes, etc. These ADUs can either be attached or detached from the main building on your property. If ADUs aren’t detached from the home, we usually find them in converted garages or basements.


ADU Builders Orange County Models

If you are looking to install an ADU on your property, though you don’t want the headache of having to design a custom ADU for your home, as it can be quite a bit of work, we highly recommend checking out some of the homes that we have available on our website.


Our models include the Farm House, the Craftsman, and the Modern, each of which come available in 600, 800, and 1,200 square-foot sizes. Each of our models also come complete with kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and dining areas, which provide a sense of independence for the people living inside.


Why Build With ADU Builders Orange County?

When you build your very own ADU with ADU Builders Orange County, you are working to create a private and high-quality space for living and/or renting. Local and state laws have changed in a very positive way over the past decade, and it is easier than ever to build ADUs on your property. In Orange County, the local government is urging homeowners and investors to build ADUs on their properties, as it helps to create affordable housing in certain areas.


As rent prices continue to rise and space continues to shrink, building ADUs is one of the best options that we as a society have right now. Of course, we recommend keeping up with the ADU Zoning Guide for Orange County to get a better idea of new regulations and laws, as they are changing all the time.


Building Your Dream ADU

We hope that by now you understand how great of an investment an ADU can be for your property. It can help to increase your property value overall, pay off your mortgage faster to reach financial freedom, or house your elderly relatives.


What is the next step, you ask?

That next step would be to give us a call here at ADU Builders Orange County so that you can get more information on the costs and find the best ADU for all your needs! We can’t wait to help you build the ADU you’ve been dreaming of!

Top Five Reasons To Build an ADU

Earn Passive Income

Building an ADU is a wonderful way to earn passive income for yourself, which can eventually help you to pay off your mortgage. The best part is, the person(s) helping out with rent won’t disturb your household. If you are a nesting couple, you might not need your big house anymore. You might want to consider moving into an ADU while renting out a larger home to a family. There is also an emerging use for ADUs in the Air BnB and vacation rental sphere!

Housing Family Members

There is a reason that ADUs are also referred to as “granny flats” or “mother-in-law suites”. ADUs are a perfect place for your parents or grandparents to move in so that they can be closer to the family without getting completely involved in the family dynamics. You can take care of them, and they can feel close to their family, though when it is time to have separate spaces, you have them. ADUs are also great for teenagers or adult children who aren’t quite ready for their independence. These are just a few family situations where ADUs can be helpful.

Extra Space

Maybe you work from home and you are looking for a place to set up shop. An ADU is a wonderful place to have a home away from home, perfect for keeping home and work life separate. Maybe you are an artist who wants to build a studio that is a bit more inspirational and workable for a home environment. ADUs are excellent for those who need a larger additional space for their work or hobbies.

Tax Depreciation Benefits

Have you been searching for ways to get extra claimables on your depreciation schedule? ADUs provide wonderful tax benefits for people. When you build an ADU onto your property, you can use it to claim losses every year. Claiming your ADU can help to offset losses that you experience yearly through your regular taxes.

Additional Housing For More People

ADUs are booming in Portland right now, as there is not enough affordable housing around for certain desirable areas. ADUs give people an option to live in expensive neighborhoods by renting. They provide an incredibly affordable type of housing for people. By building an ADU, you can be a part of helping with the current housing crisis in many major cities.